+ - Is there any pre-requiste?

Yes, basic computer knowledge such as microsoft office, uploading/downloading documents. minimum of 30 words per minute typing skills.

+ - Is this course for me?

The most important asset is to determine if you manage yourself well under stress. If you have THE DESIRE to learn, to give care, to be DETAIL ORIENTED and to be EMPATHETIC towards patients.

+ - Is student loans available?

Although this course is not eligible for BC student loans, mishilo academy is designed to offer flexibility concerning tuition costs.

+ - What if i am not able to understand the method of teaching?

Besides having different methods of delivery such as audio and visual. I also offer one on one tutorial by appointment. My goal is for you to understand the concept and to learn the essential techniques.
I am available by email, telephone or zoom video conference to make sure you obtain full understanding.

+ - What is the policy for withdrawal and refund?

Please review the policy and disclaimer page for further information.

+ - How much computer knowledge should i have?

If you are not able to maneuver a smartphone and emails/ digital calendar, you should take an introductory computer course before or during the program.