At Mishilo academy, the focus is to train you with the essential technical skills to be a proficient dental receptionist and develop a strong personal character capable of using critical thinking to deal with daily arduous tasks.

Advantages of This Academy

Employment support
Unlimited hands-on practice on a virtual software
One on One Coaching
Access to instructors with an average response time of one hour
Strictly Online
Study at your own pace
Customized packages suitable to your needs*
Financial aid available

If you are an existing dental receptionist looking to enhance your skills, at Mishilo Academy you have the option to custom build packages by selecting modules from our curriculum.

Module 1


Module 2

Anatomy, Physiology and Dental Radiographs

Module 3

Dental Specialists and Team Members

Module 4

Dental Insurance and Bc Dental Fee Guide

Module 6

Marketing and Sales

Module 7

Basic Financial Duties in the Dental Reception

Module 8

Part a – Communication Part B- Communication Conflict Resolution

Module 9

Regulation and Bylaws

Module 5

Digital Vs Non Digital Offices

Module 11


Module 10

Infection Control for Reception

About Me

Over 12 years of experience in the dental field. I started as a certified dental assistant in 2007, continued as a dental receptionist in 2013, and eventually taking the role of office manager/treatment coordinator as well as marketing manager. I am now the founder and program creator of MISHILO ACADEMY. I am passionate about helping others achieve their highest potential by providing care and attention to what is truly important. You!


Full certification program : $1700+ GST

Costume packages : $155+ GST per module

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